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Oct 19, 2008

Naruto 421 Review! Kakashi is gonna die?!?

Konoha Under Attack!!!

Everyone run for their life while Tsunade is making an useless negotiation with the old advisor... Yeah, she think that Naruto is enable to face Pain! What a silly thought i think. Just learning to use Sage power doesn't mean he is equal to Pain, Tsunade. And even, Jiraya that masters more Jutsu was killed by them. Ah.. It's all about Faith that made Tsunade think that Naruto is that powerful.

What's this Raikiri called?? it's so cool!!
When did Kakashi learned this move?? 
 Another Pain is coming! It's the ugliest Pain... 

Meanwhile, Kakashi is facing Pain with all of his will. All his cool moves were out! And i just know that Kakashi has that such foxy Raikiri. But still, it useless in front of the invincible tricky Pain. Shizune knows why Pain can comes that invincible and the secret between the chakra transmitter. But it seemed too late.. Kakashi will fight with 2 Pain now.. Can he stand against them??!!

What's he thinking about?! 

Meanwhile, when it has decided that Tsunade is decided to call Naruto and send him to the Battle field. But, the old F#*king Donzo kill the informant frog that will inform the Fukasaku about Pain Attack upon Konoha!

Now, Naruto is back in hotter situation!! With many fight and hardship.

How will Kakashi face Pains?? I hope he won't die next ch. But it seems he'll die.. :(
What's the secret behind the Pains??
And will Naruto comeback to the village?!
Borrow me some money or i'll blow you in a pieces!! Lol 


  1. Oh no, I hope he doesn't die either. I just got into Naruto and Kakashi is my favorite character. I haven't finished watching the first series yet, but I'm working on it. Cool blog!

  2. Dude no! Kakashi can't die. I need to read this issue!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!!



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