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Oct 12, 2008

Got Newest Anime! And will Get them reviewed soon!

Yess!! Finally, I watched almost all of my anime watchlist last night. After waiting and got slobbered reading someone’s review of course. XD


Well, this fall season has many colors on their anime. Surely, it will bring warmth to our busy day. There’re totally funny anime as Tora Dora, or if you want to get the heavier one, you can get into Gundam 00 or Linebarell. Yeah, you say it! Whatever you need, there’s available in this fall season. From war to Love, or both Love and War story, you can get them.

My myself, tough just watch the 1st episode, probably will get end up to watch them more, to the end. It’s totally entertaining and addicting.

Ahhh.. Unfortunately they’re in the wrong time to be aired. Yeah, as I, Rin, And GnDynames ranting about, two more weeks later we’ll get our midterm. And of course before that, we have to push our as* hard. That means we have to spent our almost time for study. And Me myself will loss my time to watch or download the newest episode of all of my watch list. That’s so heavy as you know. To sacrifice what we’re waiting for. For slobbered when others have fun, and for getting thirsty of entertainment…. Hopefully this sacrifice will come to a goods. A perfect score will be good maybe. :D

Fall season.. Why must be October….

Do you got the same faith as I do??
And what anime do you watch in this fall season??

Anyway, i'll get them my first opinion, so, watch out! ^^;


  1. Yipe. I am falling behind on my anime watching. I have not started my fall season anime yet. So busy!

  2. You should start your animewatchlist soon.. Or you'll be out of date.. Hehe.. ^^;

  3. Cute Miku! *saves*
    I watch most of the new Autumn Animes lol (90% maybe xD), I still can keep up with work, but sometimes lagging behind... lol ^^;;

  4. damn why didnt i find this blog earlier lol. u guyz are anime freaks like me :D


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