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Oct 11, 2008

Naruto 420 Manga Review

I just feel something cool with this picture. Yeah, all of them is can be said as the host of Jinchuriki. But, till now, Mashasi Khisimoto never put their images in the story, but in just in this single box. What does this mean? Is Naruto going end its series soon?? Maybe yess.. :D

Let's heading to the review!

Pain is striking Konoha while Naruto is on his Training with Old Frog Fukasaku. He face Kakashi, the copy ninja. But still, even the Great Kakashi who is rumored to be the next Hokage fight him, he can't do anything. All his moves is easily avoided, while himself is already taken the wound. Is it because Pain's eyes?? or because Kakashi is gonna older??

To use his powerful Sage mode combat battle, Naruto should fuse with Fukasaku and his wife, yet, if he doesn't, he'd perfectly useless. How would that be??

Meanwhile, Konoha's Code Breaker is seems find something important, but when they wanna report to Tsunade, the big battle, made Konoha as the bttle field is already begin!!!!

Wow!! it seems Naruto Nearing its Climax!
After he defeat Pain, he'll beat Sasuke, and the series end.. Can't it be??
But first, Naruto is trusted by Tsunade to fight Pain, can he defeat him???


  1. interesting pic of the 9 hosts of Jinchuriki. i never see most of them before. lol. like the host of 3 tails, the turtle.

  2. Well, since I dun follow the manga...anime is a different story...
    It seems Naruto is getting more and more confusing as the weeks goes by...
    Still, II wonder what will happen in the end...

    Also, to answer your pervious question of link exchange, I have added your blog to my blogroll...

  3. @ Gordon :
    So Do i. it never been published before, tough... ^^; (except for the 9, 8, 2, 1 and 4 tails beast's host...)

    I suggest you to get into the manga. It's faster, and the anime is full of wrecky fillers... I hate the anime tough,,,

    I think it's a normal plot, if you follow them from the start.. ^^;

    Thanx for the link exchange.. ^^

  4. @gordon, turtle? what turtle?

    i'm really looking forward to the next episode. it seems like shizune has finally figured out jiraiya's last message! i wonder if naruto can create sage kage bushins. 5 minutes a new sage. ^^

    btw, did you see my *new* blog? the address is still

  5. @ K
    I think it's 3 tails beast.. It's turtle, isn't it??
    But i think is a wild jinchuuriki (unhosted)... So why??

    New chapter is out!! ^^

    Absolutely i have look on it! It's so cooll!! XD


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