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Oct 11, 2008

I'm Hommeeee!! ^^

Yesss!!! Right!! After wasting my 2 weeks holiday in my born lacking of internet speed town, finally, I got home yesterday!! Ahaaaaa.. My curse is already off.. XD

I even got slobbered, seeing many aniblogger post their review about new anime XD.. Ahhh.. am I gonna primitive? XD

Now, I’m Gonna download naruto manga, Gundam 00 1st episode, Toradora, Linebarel and many new animes outta there soon!!
And I will also update this blog since I never get this blog updated ever since I got stuck in my parent’s home.

Tough my born town is not too cool, but I’m kinda helped with them ever since I can finish my assignment well in there, and good some nice photo for my assignment too. Hoo.. My Vacation not always be bad, huh?

But on the top of that…
Yuhuuuuu.. I’m home…!! :D

Anyway, do you go to your born town if there were a holiday or special event??
And have you ever missed your anime watchlist??


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