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Oct 7, 2008

Na.... Nariyate...?!!!

What's that picture remembering you in??

You must thought that, that person is Lelouch. But if that so, you're wrong this time! That's Rolo vi Britania in COde Geass - Knightmare of Nunnaly ! lol, I was loled at that picture since as i know, Rolo is not that fucking handsome! XDD But well, i dunno why things going like that. lol

Rolo?? It's F*cking Impossible!!

Another picture that i loled a lot are these...

Wheeww... How much this Gunpla cost?
Looks Superior!lol

Does Raito write like that? XD
Note : Don't Try this at home

Gyahahaha... Its what Phanter calls Code Gayass! XD

Code Coke! lol

Lelouch? You sure??
He already dead, wasn't he??

It's Vice versa! lolzzz

That's What i got in the web... So, What picture that makes you loled much?
Or do you have some picture to share about too??

Picture was taken from many source. Copyright goes to them...


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