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Oct 7, 2008

Get Your Evangelion Stuff !!

Are you Evangelion Fanboy(or girl?) ? If that so, you must be happy right now! Why? Coz, you’ll be provided a cool stuff from Kaga Create related to Evangelion. Yeah, that merchandise and software company will sell you an usb drive formed an entry plug that is used for the cockpit’s entry in this anime. This USB had already sold in the last September 27th with 2 GB capacity and two models. There are EVA-00 and EVA-01. Both are valued with ¥ 3980. This USB is made based on the design of the entry plug from Evangelion Movie’s that has been remodel, so, the model is not from the TV series. How cool!! XD

Anyway, do you know a stuff that is like this outa here??
what’s your USB model?? And do you feel 2 GB is worth enough for ¥ 3980??


  1. I bought my 4gb USB key for $10 (which is equivalent to 1000 yen I guess) and I don't even use it -_-

  2. @ K
    Yeah! They looks cool!! But they're expensive.. - -"

    Wow! that's pretty cheap! (furthermore, u live at U.S.A!)
    I Buy my 4 GB USB drive for $15, and i so envy to hear your 10 bucks USB.. ^^;


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