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Dec 16, 2008

Bush in shoe attack!

Well, this is a common issue that maybe all of you had heard about.
Bush in a shoes attack.
The words that tingling in my head while i just hear that news is "What the Hell"!!!?

"Bush in shoes attack" was really a surprise for me. For my whole life ( if i just ever live!) this thing was the weirdest thing i ever  heard from the government state.Emmhh.. I think. Well, at least there was a similar thing happen here, in Indonesia. A "flying chair" that happen in the middle of the meeting of the central government.

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But hey! "Bush in shoes attack" is way more amazing! I just didn't realize that Bush can do that matrix-ing thing! lol. So, he really is a guy that comes from the matrix world, huh?!

But the thing that makes no sense is that he can dodge it. If only he got that bump, it will be a big news all over the world, and there'll be a good history for that journalist! lol

Yeaahhh... Lucky Bush.


  1. Haha, I thought it was kind of funny.

  2. lol I'm not sure which I laughed at more, the reminder of the shoe story or the pic at the top of the article. ^_^ What series is that from? Reminds me of School Rumble but the mustache makes it hard to tell.

  3. lol i enjouyed it hahah :D and tht guy was full of heart and guts :D

  4. Thats really funny, i can't stop laughing~ XD


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