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Dec 13, 2008

Marrying a Robot, u say?!!

I just surprised to hear that there was a man who relying his money and energy to marry a robot. Yeahhh.. MARRYING A ROBOT! That was what a Japanese man, called Le Trung , do. He made a woman android which is used to be his wife and taking care of him. That lucky robot is called Aiko. Aiko is claimed to be a sexy and useful robot. She can take Le Trung's housework and she is diligent wife robot.

Beside that Aiko is claimed to be had a Mathematics intelegent and can understand 3000 words of Japanese and English. Wheeww... Have i learned 3000 English words yet?? xp and she also can read a newspaper for Le Trung.
A Family Photograph.. Say Cheeeessseee..!!

That wiferobot was made with 14000 Poundsterling cost! And yet, Le Trung is rely to sell his car and even get some credits at Yakuza.!! Omaigatt... Just he didn't think that with that money he could buy the real "wife"! He just made an android, but yet, he can't think of it. Is it means i was so stupid or which one is stupid??!! lol

Absolutely, there just one thing that Aiko can't do... Yeah.. She can't do.. errrr.... You know what is it... XD

I just think, will Le Trung make a child?? Lol

Anyway, what do you guys think????

Source: OkeZone (Unfortunatelly, this article is in Indonesian...)

Hot Aiko...


  1. well at least she won't nag at u for coming home late, never helping with the dishes etc.

  2. hmmm... le trung doesn't sound japanese. haha

  3. How fluid is her movement though?

    If I had that much extra cash, I wouldn't mind getting myself an android... mistress. :P


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