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May 16, 2009

I'm Not Dead yet, Pals ! ! Not for nauuu!!! :3

So LOOOOOOOONG TIME i've leave this blog already and do no post.. But, LOL. There's still 1 or 2 commentor here.. :p
Nice, i think, tough i have absent from this blog for long time, isn't it.. I think it's already 6 month??? haha


I barely remember that actually. OH damn, i barely remmember what had i wrote here! XD

So sorry for leaving this blog long ago. I mean, I'm not leaving this blog, but my bussines in real world make me hard to touch in in this Weird blog.. :D And yess.. It's all bcoz that damn crazy medical college that is seems harder and bussier each days and also my 'Real bussiness' In the real world.

That made me so hard to write something in this blog...Lazy i think. Becoz i myself have to wrote 2 or 3 polio pages of my assignment each 2 or 3 days! Haaaaa... that things already made me bussy to write something on the paper... but well... I'm trying again now...

I hope all my blogger friends, still recognize me, since maybe i'm becoming older n forgotten, LOL
I hope not! >.<

Seeing so many people had started blogging in this years, i personally be pesimistic with my performance of blogging. Maybe there'd less people coming here, not as much as yesterday...
Oh yesterday.. come suddenly... LOL 

Okey then....
All i want to say is that..

I'm not dead yet pals! :D
S is back now!

It's Bokeh!

Let's review one or 2 anime once again. this Spring 09Anime is sure so amazing!!! :D

Anyway, thanks for u who still read this blog.. :)


  1. Hehe, thank goodness that you're still alive, mate! Lol

    Well, is already June right now, what's your plan for the next 6 months?

  2. I'm still concentrating on my real business in my real work. I'll star bloging in this december.. hhehehe ^^

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  4. Haha I love the first picture :) really frekaed me out!!! and btw welcome back...


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