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Aug 1, 2008

Manga Release - Naruto 411

8 Tails Vs Sasuke !

Oh Well Then... The fight Between Sasuke And the 8 tails is started now...
Juugo and Suigetsu has been "defeated" by the 8 tails in the last chapter.. Now is Sasuke's turn... Yeah as usual.. Sasuke is way so cool!! XD
But then, the 8 tails is way to great in sword mastering! Even with sharingan and his Kusanagi that has combined by Chidori, it seems hopeless to face the 8 tails with his 7 swords!! The surprise that the 8 tails also can manipulate his chakra onto his sword too.. And finnaly Sasuke was stunned with the 8 tails' sword!!

How was the battle??Can Sasuke beat the 8 tails with his 7 swords combat battle style??Had Sasuke beaten up!!??
Oh.. It's so made me curious for the next chapter!! XD

Download The Manga here....

Scanlated By Binktopia


  1. hello sandy kun ^^. I've read it the minute it came out on onemanga. can't wait to see what's going to happen next week though!

  2. Hello K... ^^
    Well, what time One manga usually released the newest Naruto, K?? You know??

    Yep!! I thought every NAruto readers must be Curious what happen with the Mighty Sasuke!! XD Can he just defeated?? Or it just an illusion??
    Who knows, then..Masashi Kishimoto Surely smart to hid something up.. ^^;


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