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Aug 30, 2008

New Anime on Fall - Nodame Contabile - Paris Episode

Nodame Cantabile Pari-Hen

This is the sequel of the anime titled Nodame Cantabile. This time, this anime titled Nodame Cantible Pari-Hen. This anime will be aired at this October, with their 11 Episodes, in Japan Noitamina Fuji TV. The staff get a little change from the past anime, as the director position that was changed with Kenichi Kasai, ( firstly, the director was Kon Chiaki). But the chara design still the same person, Suichi Shimamura.

In this sequel, the main thing we’ll see is about Nodame’s growth while in the past season, we’ve seen Chiaki’s….

Well, what will this anime be? Check this out next month.. ^^;


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