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Sep 1, 2008

What's Up?! Hakushaku to Yosei - New Anime in Fall

Hakushaku to Yosei

Hakushaku to Yosei ( The Count and the Fairy) is a romantic story, about love and war, that get heir setting in English, 19th Century. Adapted from the light novel written by Mizue Tani, Hakushaku to Yosei will be aired in Japan soon, but the airing date haven’t been known yet. The director was believed to Koichiro Sotome, And as the animation director, is trusted to Maki Fujii [Fate/Stay Knight].this anime was produced under Art Land studio,

17th years old girl named Lydia, is interested in fairy world, so she gets her nicknames as “Fairy’s doctor”. When she just sailing to London, she meets a boy named Edgar J.C. Ashenheart, who confessed as the Count of the Blue Knights. After meeting him, Lydia’s life is get into the chaos. Then, Edgar lease Lydia to be his counselor while he is traveling to look after his family’s ancient sword…

For you who like a romance story slipped with battle field, it’s not a mistake to try to watch it… :) Do you interested in this anime??

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