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Aug 29, 2008

Flow - World End Single

FLOW’s return! Now they are serving their fans with their new maxi single released at August 13, World End. Yeah, You, who is Code Geass fever, must known this song! Coz one of the song inside this single, World End, is one of the great opening of Code Geass R2.

Well, this single is containing up to five track! WoW! The track containing 3 new song (include World End), an instrumental of World End, plus the remix version of the World End that is used for Code Geass Opening.

Anyway, for you, Code Geass holic, you must buy the CD then!! Since the Cd containing special packet where many Code Geass related bonuses are sliped inside! The bonuses are : Code Geass Illustrated jacket sticker, 24-page booklet with Code Geass artbook, Code Geass Note Book, and chibi Geass Sticker sheet!! WoooooWW!!!! So Many Geass Stuff!! I want thiissssss!! You want to right?? XD Well, i think, with many Code Geass Related bonuses like this, i believe, Flow is really support this anime. It’s proven with their existence that ever fill this anime Ost twice, with a hilarious respond from the watcher, of course. Furthermore, the lyric behind this song is so draw the condition in the Code Geass story. Am Flow Watch this anime too?? XD

The tracks that’s on this singles are :

01.  World End
02.  Leather Face
03.  I Will
04.  World End [Instrumental]
05.  World End [Code Geass Opening mix]

World End is a very cool song, i think... The song is nicely hear to your ear. Even, the duration is quite short (3:48), the greatness of this song still bright. Started with soft opening, we will then served with a spiritful song, yeah. That’s is!! The two vocal  ride this song also good at harmonyty. And the chorus is also great. Well! Once more, must hear list song from FLOW!!

Leather Face, a song with a catchy guitar chords that had started in the begining of the song. With an electic sound between the vocal.  Well, this song is quite good to be heard tough is not as good as World End.

I Will, A slow tempo song from Flow, with a balad-ish style, well, so mellow i think... But the voice is so beautiful with their 3:58 duration. The song is a bit rapped  with a beautifull clasic guitar play.. Yeah. That’s all. :) Nice song. :), and touching heart song also...

World End [Instrumental],As you can see, it’s the voiceless world end version.

World End [Code Geass Opening mix], It'squite hard to find which part that is being mixed. I think it just the guitar chourus that’s being mixed. And also the adding of somehow effect on the vocal. Still great.. :)

Over all, this maxi-single is worth to be owned, the song is beaytifull and furthermore, it contain many Code Geass cool stuff. I totaly recomended this cd to be bought!
Download Songs

      01.  World End


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