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Sep 28, 2008

Naruto 418 Manga Review

Naruto is really finishing his training with old frog fukasaku!! He has learned a senjutsu fighting mode that enable him to absorb a nature power around him. Hell! it's a really cool jutsu, since it can make Naruto feel nothing when he fall from a top!

But his "real" training is not yet over. The old frog Fukasaku will personally teach him to use the sage power now. Meanwhile, behind his success to use sage power, Naruto is doing a secret training! What is it?!

The autopsy and the observation of Pain's dead body is still on their stuck way, yet, the Pain's Train is already come to Konoha to strike them!!!

How would Naruto Training??
What is Naruto's secret training??
And how Konoha face Pain???

The next chapter will guide us to the result.... 


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