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Sep 28, 2008

Holidayy.. Finally.. ^^

Ahhhh….. Finally… Holiday is coming.

After waiting for 2 tired weeks with full of lecture and in the condition of full fasting, finally, my class is getting its end rest. Yep! It means I have a loooooong little holiday.
But, still, I have many assignments to do. ^^; So that’s why I just use a little holiday since I believe I’ll get busy for the assignment than busy for my holiday..( 2 weeks are quite long, aren’t it?) XD Furthermore, 2 weeks after that, I’ll get my first block term. Yeah, surely I have to work my head off! I hope I can get better as my last pre-test was. It was scored A!! lol. What a luck! I just studied in the day before the pre-test! XD

Ahhh… Why must I get my block term in this October? It’s time for new Anime, isn’t it? And to get used in anime no sekai, I have to watch many anime in this fall season..

Furthermore, I got many watch lists around. Here is my watch list up to now..

1. Gundam 00 season 2 ! (Musttt!! XD)
2. Linebarrel (try to watch, its Mecha!!)
3. Yokazura Quartet (Mustt! Second grade XD)
4. Tale of the Abbys (Try~Try…)
5. Toradora! (kinda funny… Romantic ^^)
6. Bounen no Xam’d (continue to watch.. it’ve been their 9th episode)

You see!? What a number of anime list that is?! I still can’t believe in my busy college, I can watch that.. XD

But, it’s for October, the problem is for now… Do I have study from this holiday? Or just taking some fun rest first in this holiday??Which one would you choose??

What you’d do if you’re in my state now??
How bout you? Do you still watch anime in your busy day??

Anyway, I'm now in my vacation in my born town.. Sooo village-ish and lack of internet speed.. ^^;
And maybe i will late for my recent posting.. ^^ Gomen nee...~~

~(^.^)~                                                                    ~(-.-)~


  1. study in the day and watch anime at night ^^

  2. Keh! You're Right! XD

    But, the problem here is when does i download the anime? XD


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