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Oct 5, 2008

Geas(s)?? Nanda??

I just reading a magazine, and found something interesting.Yep.. It's about Geass. What?? Not Geass??

Yeah. Actually. This Geas is not Geass from Code Geass.... For you, people who like playing RPG games or reading a fantasy genre novel, perhaps you ever heard this Geass. It usually considered as a magic that can control others being. This Geas comes from England and usually shown at myth as well.

But Geas here is different from Glamour (a magic that can control people,too. Read the wiki link about it...). The differents are that Geas receptor know what is he doing, he still have his free wills. However, if the Geas Receptor violates the rule that is given from the Geas, he’ll get a big judgment. While Glamour makes its receptor do all the Glamour user wants voluntarily. In other words, Geas is forcing, Glamour is effecting.

Geas can  be affected to other people and the user as well. The example that is used for own Geas is a swear, “ I swear I won’t lie to you, or I’d die”. That’s the example. What is the benefit of use or being affected by this Geas?? Nothing. But if we can think positively, for example, we know that we’re affected in 10 Geass, we already know that we’ve 10 sure ways to die dreadfully.

I dunno whether SUNRISE team purposely used GEASS coz they ever heard this Geas, What do you think??


  1. i think it's intentional. given all the other references to mythology and folklore in the anime as well. ^^

  2. Hmmm.. Perhaps. Many anime creator usually do this.. Like Naruto..


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