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Oct 21, 2008

How Messy Your Computer was??

Recently, i got annoyed with my shortcut and folder aranggements. It's being sooo messy and uncontrolable. Lol. Just like the DNA in the Procaryotic cell i thought.. ^^; Well, to be honest,, it's all my postponing habit fault and mismanagement folder location. Just say it my fault if you like.. ^^; That horrible thing happened whenever i browse the internet, and then got something to be my download list or to be my article study, i always put them in the desktop. The result, the desktop becoming so messy like this...

My Desktop with its craze messyness... XD

The Messy My Document.. Is that can be count as messy??

And coz of that messiness, i usually drag that thrash into the My document folder to clean the desktop. But it comes worse when i didn't arrange the My document folder or the desktop ( coz of postponing habit. lol) and let the circumstance happen all the time. Yeah. All time. That means that folder and the files are getting piled up in a mound. Ahhhhh.. I even hard to find my important files and i got lose my Macross F and Geass episode 24 also for that matter. And it gets lazier for me to neaten that thrash.. ^^; Hell yeahhh!! All hail lazinesss!!! XDD

How about you?? Do you always arrange your files neatly??
or not?? XD


  1. i like to keep my destop clean. usually only 3 icons are there. my computer, recyle bin and internet dialup. but i have a habit of saving all my files from the internet and dump it onto the desktop. let me go clean them up now. ^^

  2. Woot! Another messy person! Don't mean to brag, but I think I'm just sliiiightly more organized than you. ^^;

  3. I know your pain. On my desktop I actually have my icons turned off. On my laptop, I only have Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Firefox on my desktop.

  4. My desktop was twice as messy as yours before I deleted a whole bunch of trash. As for My Document, I have a whole bunch of folders for all the random stuff i chuck in there.

  5. my desktop is pretty clean. you can download all your stuff into a "download" folder. easier to manage. ^^

  6. My computer is MUCH annoying than yours. ;_;

  7. @ Gordon
    Clean it now! Or you'll be in desire forever! lol

    @ Mizunaga
    Yeah.. I'm very lazy to clean my Messyness...And that makes me pilled up in mound.. Haha.. All Hail Messyness!! XDD

    Hmm... If i do that, i'll hard to open my favorite item... Any idea??

    @ GnDynames
    Wahaha... Don't have time to clean it up, does it? XD We're pretty much the same.. i always chucked up all of my unrated thing inside each of my-not-messy-folder, and it makes thing come worse.. XD

    Hmm.. I'll think about it later then.. ^^;

    @ Kairu Ishimaru
    Lol. I can't think about that.XD

  8. I'm worst.
    My desktop is filled with shortcuts and files...
    I don't bother reorganizing it since of my lazy nature.
    My file folder is just a complete with music files and picture all over the place...

  9. Honestly, my desktop just like a dumpster that full with files, documents and game shortcuts...

  10. @ Rin
    Ehh!?? I can't imagine that!! Video and Music is combined altogether? lol

    @ Wilson Pon
    The same as you, bro.. ^^;

    Thanx for the comment anyway.. ^^

  11. oly S**t!! that's even messier than mine -[] -; I have lotta icons on Desktop but there are keep in organized.

  12. @ Stunatra

    Yeahh.. That really are nightmares... Now i just confused how to organize it.. ^^;;


    It's getting messier each days.. Each hour! Lol
    You must be proud of yourself, broo,.. :D

  13. Hi, same situation is really very horrible, as we can't get our required file at once and it makes the desktop look ackward. Same situation can be dealt with if the setting is changed a bit, well we can either download the file in one particular folder instead of downloading it in desktop.


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