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Oct 25, 2008

This is What You'll be if you broke the rules....

 Review, Review, And revieww moreee,,,,
Yeah. Nothing but business happened in this week. Started from presentation, assignment, exam, and many other job at college was done... Thankfully all of them are done with my best and get their..err... Good record, i think.. ^^; Well, for the exam, i got the highest score among all other my mates! XD and i done the presentation well. But i miss out for the tutorial discussion yesterday. It's all my own fault then. But what did my mistake?!!

Firstly, I just having a bread-dinner in the night. Yeah, Indonesian usually having rice and other meals as their dinner, but not bread. I think Bread is just too light. *But hey! What's up with this??* Actually, the main problem is on the morning. In order to prepare for the discussion, i just slept less than 4 hours in the night, and i wake up in the morning (3am if i'm not mistaken.). That makes me feel something unwell within my body ... And from that preparation, i ended up in a confuse state, well.. I just confused with "is the glycolysis process.. is it taken an anaerob proccess or aerob ones??" That makes me call my mate all over the way, and we discuss it crazely (and got nothing but confuse, LOL) and ended up the time shown me at 7.15 am ! Hell! My discussion is started 40 minutes more! And then i skip my breakfast and make a move rushly since it cost 30 minutes to go to my college.

Arriving in the college and head to the discussion room rushly then. When the discussion started, i feel so bad and i barely can't concentrate well! A SH**~~. That makes me hard to say what i wanna say what to say.. Lol
And hell... I think i missed my Tutorial discussion now.. - -"
Nest thing, when it's time for the Quiz, in state cannot concentrate well, i also answer that not with my might....
I think i will get a bad score from this quiz...

Eat Your Breakfast or you'll die!

Ahh... Cannot concentrate well... It's all because my blood sugar is so low. And i am in starve,, It makes cannot think well. Thankfully it didn't cause me to faint.. ^^; I must eat my breakfast later on, then.. Breakfast has so many advantages, you know....

Anyway, do you ever get the same thing as me like this??
Did you always eat your breakfast??
Or Not!???!

Ahh.. Tuesday is my blog term.. Review, Ikimassssuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! ^^

1 comment:

  1. I eat my breakfast on weekdays. On weekends I don't set my alarm and people party so I sleep late and wake up late as well.

    As for tutorials, I occasionally skip them when there is absolutely no point in attending them. I study better by myself anyway.


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