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Oct 25, 2008

Naruto Chapter 422 - Can they fight Pain??

 Serious.. Kakashi is Serious....

In this chapter, we'll see Kakashi's fight with Pain. Damn! It was so obliviously cool!!
In the village, everyone is fighting with Pain and also Kanon. But still, how much are them, they can't face Pain equally. Damn Pain!!!

Tsunade is making a first move with sending his nails mate.. (i forgot its name) to all the injured people outta there. And guess, What she'll do next....

"Next time you missed, I'll throw you up from Naruto"

Once again, Kakashi's Raikiri can be avoided by Pain easily, He just remembered that it's not good idea to face Pain's eyes with just a single person.... The ugly Pain is Transformed. To be.. Err.. Uglier form... XDD
And Kakashi is drawn out by Pain's Sword.. But with his Lightning Clone technique, he can deceive Pain and also attack him with that lightning! Damn, what a powerful Clone jutsu technique. I wonder why Kakashi just use it now. Or is it because the author get this idea? Lol

What the Hell this ugly alien do in Naruto!!?
"U're so ugly and hard to draw.. I better kill you first" ,
Masashi Kisihimoto said...Lol

The fight was not drop in a pain side, Yeah, Kakashi somewhy can face him. Not as equal, but enough to defense himself... Yeah, there's a reinforcement help him... And likely, they already killed the ugly pain.. Or not?!

Hell.. This chapter really made me to wait for more weeks for the next chapter... I wonder if the episode is out tomorrow... Impossible. Lol

How will the fight goes??
Have Kakashi Figured out Pain's Power?!!!

Next episode!
Capture Pain..

Another controversy 
Eh? A head in a chest?! How can she do that.?! Is she a magician? Lol
It looks like that the big Pain picture is the real Pain...  


  1. haven't got a chance to read it... *sigh*

  2. Very Very nice. hey artists like u should join my art community and share ur work there.

  3. Yeah, they're really cool!!!!


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