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Dec 13, 2008

Back From Hiatus ^^

Uhhh,,,, Finally I come back to the blogging world. SO sorry for my readers, for the hiatus mode for this whole 2 months. I am totally in bustling coz of my business in this whole month. The result, I cannot write anything to be posted about nor replying a comment here… But I promise, after I get out from my business, I’ll soon write a post here.. I promise!! ^^

This month was a tiring month actually. There are a block term, and also i have to stay in a damned place for 4 days, full! with many matter to be listened for. Whole night i spent to just hearing something uncool... ^^; 
There also a Recruitment in a health organization i join. So, i follow the rules and doing some safety thing. That was so cool!! If i  got accepted in this organization, surely, my clinical skill will be improved and used well. And also, i can help people too. What a cool job to do there!!
Wish me luck, yo! 

Ahh... I missed blogging so much...I hope I can have a little time to spend to blogging…. I still have so many anime review to do yet. And the anime in this falls is too awesome to be left for!!
Going to review for the test tomorrow noooww!!!!
Thanks for visiting this blog and thanks also for the comments.. Jyaa~ Nee~~

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