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Oct 1, 2008

My Anime OST/Ending List

Some times, when we watch an anime, we will catch an addict with their ost or ending. Dunno bout you, but it usually happens to me. Especially when they got a strong hypnosis power beyond.. :D And sometimes, tough you didn't like the song , you can also addicted by that song some days, coz you watch that same anime in all week in your life. :D

Even tough, there also your-fave-band-factor. Yea, it counts when your fave singer or band are play for that song, have or not have, you must be like that song . XD

And i have my anime list myself, Here is it, my 15 anime ost/ending list!
(anyway, if you're interested to hear one of them, you can download it.. ^^)

1. Code Geass R2 Ost - World End
A wonderful song from Flow.. Powerful yet beautiful... ^^

2. Code Geass Ending - Yuukyo Sheinsuka
a Classical song from Ali Project.. Love it.. ^^

3. Gundam 00 Ending - Wanna
Rockk~Rockk.. And Roled with this song!! 

4. The Law of Ueki OST - No Regret
Let's Scream together !! XD

5. Darker than Black OST - Howling
A cool song from cool anime.. ^^;

6. Full Metal Alchemist OST - Ready Steady GO!
This is my endless song in my playlist

7. Code Geass Ost - Colors
Nice SOng from Flow.. ^^

8. Gundam Seed Destiny OST - Bokutachi No yukue
An old song from GSD, yet it still on my playlist since its soo powerful song!

9. Ultraman Nexus OST - Eiyuu
well, it's not an anime, but still, i love their song.. :D Khekehk...

10. Yakitate Japan! Ending - To all tha dreamer
Sometimes i laugh when hearing this song... Remind me for the manager.. XD

11. Code Geass OST - Mosaic Kakera
Beautifull song that is ever been made as CG OST. Hell, CG has a lot nice song! XD

12. Gundam 00 OST - Daybreak's Bell
Ahh... A dark rock song... It's very mee...

13. Pokemon - The Johto Journey OST - Awesome Song (I think, that was the title. XD)
Haha.. as the title of the song.. SO awesome song...

14. Samurai X Ending - It's Gonna Rain
15. One Piece OST - Hikari E

Well then, do you have any fave anime ost/ending??
Do you usually hear them ??


  1. I have loads in my backlog. But Last Exile, Ouran HSHC, Planetes and Seirei no Moribito are all up there for me.

  2. Definitely have to agree with Panther, especially with Seirei's soundtrack. I'd also put a plug in for Romeo x Juliet as well as the ARIA soundtracks because both are equally awesome in different ways.

  3. @ Panther
    Ah.. apparently i have more than this in my playlist, including Seirei no Moribit of course.. ^^

    Hmm.. i didn't watch RomeoxJuliet, so i didn't know their song.. ^^
    But maybe if i watch them, i'll love them too.. ^^;

  4. I have a lot of anime songs on my iPod, but the one I've been listening to the most is "Listen to ONE Story" from Bleach Beat Collection - Byakuya and Rukia. Not directly from the series, but it's soo addicting. XD

    There's also the opening theme to Evangelion: "Cruel Angel's Thesis", "Days" from Eureka 7 and "Thank You" from Bleach. ^^

  5. Yeah... Something addicting cannot be resist and being some habits also, tough the source of the addict is unknown..^^;

    Ohooyy... You Must be having a lot anime list, didn't you?


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